MSAL 2756 Grievance Number Database


Password required!

 "List" will show the basic grievance information.

"Full List" is the same as "List" but with settlement information. This is also suitable for cutting & pasting into a spreadsheet or word processing document.

"Add New" will allow you to enter a new grievance and issue a grievance number.

"Search" will allow searching by Steward's name or Article/Violation.

The "Edit" menu is only available to authorized Officers/Stewards.

If you are about to file a grievance, or you just want to browse grievances filed, then this is the place to get a number assigned.

This database is maintained for your 24/7 convenience!

Please call the union office (522-2798) as soon as possible, to discuss your grievance. Also, be sure to follow up on the grievance progress with the union office.

If there is a problem with the database PLEASE email the Webmaster ASAP!

Thank you!